We believe our solutions offer the most compelling, efficient and profitable way of running an online business and we strive to sustain our competitive edge. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our proposition and make our clients’ operations more efficient.

Our Solutions and Retail businesses help stimulate innovation and drive new requirements while our Technology and Engineering divisions drive innovation and build solutions, which we then deploy back into our Retail and Solutions businesses. This allows us to create a virtuous circle of innovation.

Our product, Ocado Smart Platform, capitalises on more than 200 patents and patent applications directed to over 60 separate innovations, and the combined knowledge of a team of more than 1,200 technology and engineering professionals.

The benefits of our research and development will be deployed in the Ocado Retail operations as well as made available to our partners. This ensures partners will benefit from our innovation efforts and access a platform that is continuously improving.

Our technology efforts cover real-time control systems, robotics, vision systems, machine learning, simulation, data science, forecasting systems, routing systems, inference engines, cloud, IoT, big data and many more – visit Ocado Technology and Ocado Engineering to learn more.