Ocado Smart Platform (OSP) comprises several software modules and fulfilment hardware.

OSP is built using a cloud-based architecture that allows the platform to be scalable and continuously updated. A dedicated configuration of OSP is created for each retailer to ensure a fully customised customer experience and complete separation of data and execution capacity.

OSP is designed to power all aspects of your e-commerce business and it is based on the same innovative technology that powers Ocado’s highly successful e-commerce, fulfilment and logistics business.


OSP includes a webshop and native mobile apps that can be fully tailored to reflect the look and feel of your banner and offer a personalised customer experience in line with your brand requirements.

Seamless search and order placement are underpinned by data science and proprietary search and recommendation algorithms. We can deliver a personalised experience to your customers and provide your business and suppliers with unique targeting opportunities.

Behind the shop, we continuously communicate with the fulfillment and delivery elements of the platform to offer a live view of the inventory and updated delivery slots.

Our automated fulfilment solution includes the most advanced warehouse grocery automation system in the world.

Unlike most automation solutions, it is conceived to grow together with your business in a modular and scalable way. It provides better productivity even at lower volumes and allows for continuous development.

OSP automated fulfilment provides a dense storage grid that fits into existing warehouses and uses space more efficiently than traditional racking. It enables a superior customer value proposition by shortening customer order lead-times, improving picking quality and accuracy. It also provides your business with flexibility on expanding product range.

Our store pick solution provides a flexible, asset-light way to start or expand your e-commerce reach. It is a powerful as a standalone solution or can be deployed in combination with automated fulfilment to cover a wider geography.

OSP store pick is fast to deploy allowing you to utilise your existing infrastructure or increase the reach of your network. It is flexible, supporting different store formats, banners, ranges and pricing files.

OSP pick is also intelligent: calculating optimised pick walks and employing an easy-to-use graphical interface enabling pickers to find products more easily.

OSP includes a powerful engine to plan and manage deliveries and pick-ups. Once picked, customer orders can be delivered to your customer kitchen tables, made available in pickup points or handed to couriers for outsourced delivery.

OSP also provides the technology and algorithms to plan deliveries and in-van technology to support drivers with navigation, order location within the van, and doorstep delivery.